If you use individual transport, look for authorized taxi cars only and pay attention to the fare.   Do not exchange money except at authorized exchange centers!   Do not buy alcoholic beverages to bring them into the harbor.   Pay attention! There are some crooks who pretend to be from Seamen's Club. They will ask you for money in various forms and then disappear. Ignore them or call the police. Seamen's Club representatives will never ask you for money.   If you are not European, you can use ONLY GATE 1 to exit and enter in the port.   If you have arrived in Constanța and, together with your colleagues, would like to go out to the city, call us at +40 723 000-555. We are waiting for you!   If you are out in town, it is preferable not to be alone.  

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About Seamen's Centers

Working on cargo ships means spending most of the time at sea. When the ship reaches it's destination port, going out is on every seafarer's mind - shore leave and seaman's club is the first order of business. But what exactly is a seaman's club and why do sesfarers love to go there?

Seamen's Centers

Below are articles that describe various centers for seafarers.