Do not buy alcoholic beverages to bring them into the harbor.   If you are not European, you can use ONLY GATE 1 to exit and enter in the port.   Pay attention! There are some crooks who pretend to be from Seamen's Club. They will ask you for money in various forms and then disappear. Ignore them or call the police. Seamen's Club representatives will never ask you for money.   If you use individual transport, look for authorized taxi cars only and pay attention to the fare.   Do not exchange money except at authorized exchange centers!   If you are out in town, it is preferable not to be alone.   If you have arrived in Constanța and, together with your colleagues, would like to go out to the city, call us at +40 723 000-555. We are waiting for you!  

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

A list of questions and answers relating to our activity, especially one giving basic information for our visitors.

Basically, from 3:00 pm until around 5:00 pm we expect to be contacted by those interested. Also, during this period, we visit about 4-5 ships, daily. After 5:00 pm, we leave for the city or the Club with the seafarers who came in contact with us. At 10:00 pm, the program ends and the seafarers are back on the ship.
Not. According to the Schengen Law, seafarers cannot leave the port-city. If you are in Midia-Navodari, we can go out only to Navodari for shopping.
We will bring you back to the ship no later than 10:00 pm. If you want to spend more time outside, you will have to use a taxi to return.
We can only take a maximum of 8 people, plus the driver. In some situations, we can make 2 transports.
It's not necessary. All services, even Club juices, are offered free of charge.
You need (is mandatory) your Shore-Pass and Passport (Seaman's Book).
In Constanta we can go shopping (there are several variants of malls and hypermarkets), at the Club, in the City-Tour, in Tomis (the Touristic Port). Also, in summer, we can go to Mamaia, a beautiful resort located on the outskirts of Constanța. In Agigea we can go to the Seafarers' Center (Agigea) or to shopping (Selgros Hypermarket). Seafarers arriving in Agigea can also visit Constanța. In Năvodari we are more limited. We can go shopping.
Not. On the romanian territory, payments are made only in Romanian Lei. But, there are authorized Exchange Houses in the city.
If you are in port of Constanța, please enter here and if you are in South-Constanța (Agigea), please enter here .