Do not buy alcoholic beverages to bring them into the harbor.   Pay attention! There are some crooks who pretend to be from Seamen's Club. They will ask you for money in various forms and then disappear. Ignore them or call the police. Seamen's Club representatives will never ask you for money.   If you use individual transport, look for authorized taxi cars only and pay attention to the fare.   Do not exchange money except at authorized exchange centers!   If you have arrived in Constanța and, together with your colleagues, would like to go out to the city, call us at +40 723 000-555. We are waiting for you!   If you are out in town, it is preferable not to be alone.   If you are not European, you can use ONLY GATE 1 to exit and enter in the port.  

About Us

Seamen's Club Constanța

COORDS: DEC.DEGREES: (λ) +44.17059152N / (φ) +28.64003135E

Our Seamen's Club is a place where seafarers can leave their work behind them for a moment, have a chat with like-minded people, and contact their home in comfort. Yet, according to Costică Stici, president of board at the Club, the centre fulfils even more important purposees.

The employees and volunteers are dedicated to look after the well-being of all those people who are at sea for months on end, under difficult circumstances, and who are faced with unfamiliar situations in a foreign country. And they will help solve any problems these seafarers encounter. They are always welcome to call on us and we will help them wherever we can.

Each month, our employees and volunteers receive some sixty people in the club building and this number could be increased.

Constanța Seamen's Club was founded in 2003 by SLN with the support of the ITF.

We are an official and non-profit organization named "Romanian Ports Welfare Committee". Our aim is to welcome professional seafarers of all nationalities during their call in Constanța by providing appropriate services in a friendly atmosphere. We have a managing team of 3 persons and a part-time employee.

Seamen's Club Constanța

We offer: Transport to and from the ship; News on different languages; Internet Café; Billiards (Pool), Table Tennis and Gym; Satellite TV; Free Coffe, Tea and Soft drinks.

We can organize: Trips in Constanța centre with shopping and supermarkets; Sport activities; Trips to local sights (eg. The Old Town).

We can also organize various events together.

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