If you use individual transport, look for authorized taxi cars only and pay attention to the fare.   If you are not European, you can use ONLY GATE 1 to exit and enter in the port.   If you are out in town, it is preferable not to be alone.   Do not buy alcoholic beverages to bring them into the harbor.   Do not exchange money except at authorized exchange centers!   If you have arrived in Constanța and, together with your colleagues, would like to go out to the city, call us at +40 723 000-555. We are waiting for you!   Pay attention! There are some crooks who pretend to be from Seamen's Club. They will ask you for money in various forms and then disappear. Ignore them or call the police. Seamen's Club representatives will never ask you for money.  

About Us

Key Facts

August 2020

Launch of the "SLN Heading" magazine

The magazine, in english, is distributed free of charge to seafarers arriving in the port of Constanța.

March 2017

"Cap Compas" magazine appears

The first issue of the quarterly magazine "Cap Compas", edited by SLN, appeared. The publication is designed as an information bulletin for romanian seafarers.

December 2003

Inauguration of the Seamen's Club from Constanta

The investment amounted to $ 340,000, of which $ 317,000 was the contribution of the ITF (the majority partner of the foundation) and $ 23,000 - the participation of SLN, materialized not only in a modern and elegant social establishment, but also in change image of the area.

December 2003

Establishment of Romanian Ports Welfare Committee

This is a proposal of Romanian Seafarers Free Union (SLN) coming from 1995-1996 when a lot of Romanian flag vessels, with Romanian crew, abandoned all over the world and many charity organization like Seamen’s Mission help them.

From this Committee take part Romanian Seafarers Free Union, Port Workers Union, Port Authorities, Agents, Welfare Organizations, International Transport Workers Federation.

October 1996

Establishment of the ITF România Inspectorate

ITF London founded the ITF Romania Inspectorate, Adrian Mihălcioiu becoming the first ITF inspector in our country.

November 1991

Establishment of ETF

SLN participated in the organization of the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), as a founding member.

October 1991

SLN affiliation to ITF

SLN received approval for affiliation with the ITF.

December 1989

Establishment of SLN

After the overthrow of the communist regime in Romania, in December 1989, the Free Union of Seafarers (SLN) was established.